ANX International, a Hong Kong operator of cryptocurrency exchanges and white label platforms, is launching ANX Blockchain Services (ABS) on a global stage at the Cloud Expo Asia in Hong Kong today.

ABS is a free cloud platform built on blockchain technology, providing a secure ecosystem for companies to issue digital assets through which customers can buy, sell or trade easily and openly. Other popular blockchain applications include payment solutions, social networking and financial systems.

Specifically, ABS is a one-stop blockchain solution the provides the following modular applications:

  • Digital assets development permits companies to create customized digital assets, which can be used to represent a coin, loyalty point, token, land title, loan, record or bond, transforming traditional assets into digital assets.
  • Digital wallets provide companies with an all-in-one web-based wallet to send and receive digital assets online. Users can view all their digital assets in a glance, compiled into a single comprehensive listing.
  • Digital assets exchange platform permits users to exchange their digital assets with major currencies in real time, modelled on the same pattern that is leveraged by the world’s largest Investment Banks.

The modular model of ABS is designed to give companies the flexibility to customise combinations of features and services to suit their business needs. Available in different tiers, ABS also allows companies to scale their blockchain support as their businesses evolve.

Ken Lo, Chief Executive Officer of ANX International said:

“Hong Kong is an ideal platform for us to launch free access to blockchain services and applications for the global business community. The business dynamics and diversity in the city provide ANX with opportunities to unlock and translate the potential of blockchain applications to commercial applications across different industries. We will be conducting roadshows in (but not limited to) Dubai, Vietnam, Beijing and Shanghai in the coming months.”

Lo added:

“We live in a digital world. The sooner you develop digital assets for your company, the earlier you can harness its advantages. Digital-first is the strategy we recommend. ANX provides a onestop solution that merges blockchain technologies with traditional payment networks in the new digital assets ecosystem. The ANX team is committed to becoming a trusted partner on your digital assets journey.”

The live broadcast of the launch of ANX Blockchain Services will be available on 18 May,, from Cloud Expo in Hong Kong.



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