Eris Industries and BigchainDB have recently announced that they are forming a strategic alliance to enable a tighter integration of the Eris blockchain application platform with BigchainDB, a scalable blockchain database. The alliance makes it easier for enterprises to build scalable applications using smart contract and blockchain database technology and also allows for a more complete ecosystem on which to build blockchain powered applications.

Bruce Pon, CEO of BigchainDB, explained:

“Eris Industries is a leading toolkit for building distributed applications, allowing blockchain technologies to play well together. BigchainDB in the Eris platform gives enterprises scalable blockchain database performance that has never been possible.”

The initial milestone of the alliance is to deploy a stack having both decentralized processing and a decentralized database. The decentralized processing includes Ethereum Virtual Machine using the Solidity smart contracts language powered eris:runtime application engine and the Tendermint consensus engine. The decentralized database is the BigchainDB database, with high throughput, high capacity and built-in NoSQL querying. The Eris platform manages this stack to give enterprise-grade performance and developer support.

Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Eris Industries, commented:

“BigchainDB fills a major gap in the blockchain space with a scalable blockchain database. We’re excited to extend the capability of the Eris platform and work closely with BigchainDB to accelerate the deployment of blockchain technology.”



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