Lisk, the blockchain application platform, has announced the appointment of Joel Fernández as Chief Operating Officer. The announcement was made concurrently with a step up in the search for developers to join the project, with openings for front-end and back-end developers to join the growing team. Lisk also provided recognition and incentives towards the continued efforts being made by Lisk contributors worldwide with a bounty program rewarding LSK.

The Lisk platform allows for the deployment, distribution, and monetization of blockchain applications, each running within their own sidechains. The company completed an Initial Coin Offering in May and attracted approximately14,000 BTC, with a current value of over $8 million USD. The cryptocurrency underpinning the platform, LSK, is worth around $18 million, making it the 16th most valuable digital currency.

Upon his promotion to COO, Fernández moved to Berlin, Germany to oversee the Lisk core team’s efficiency in development and outreach. Previously, Fernández has served as Community Manager of Lisk since inception, aiding co-founders Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows in the Initial Coin Offering and in continuous outreach to the community. Among his responsibilities as Chief Operations Officer, Fernández was entrusted with the roll-out of a rewards-based bounty program aimed at incentivizing further development on the platform.

Max Kordek, CEO and Co-Founder of Lisk, stated: “We are excited to announce that Joel has accepted a position at Lisk as Chief Operating Officer. Since the beginning, Joel has been an invaluable resource to our team and actively contributed to the success of the Lisk project. I believe that Joel will continue to add his exceptional knowledge and experience as he joins our senior management team here in Berlin. The aim of this bounty program was to compensate exceptional Lisk contributors and Ambassadors who have poured in countless hours into helping Lisk flourish. Our Lisk ambassadors are actively spreading awareness of Lisk’s extraordinary capabilities in many countries across the world. Moreover, there have been many community members who have created significant and tangible projects supporting the Lisk ecosystem, and it was time to make sure they are rewarded for their efforts,”

Contributors to Lisk have developed set-up and technical guides, voting tools, Lisk network monitors and lite clients. One such contributor is U.S.-based Isabella Dell, who received recognition for her development of Lisk provisional scripts including the process management script, automated install/upgrade script and the automatic snapshot script. Lisk is looking to add first-party developers to the project and has begun a new wave of talent acquisition.

Kordek added: “Following the release of 0.4.0 to the main net, we are now looking for two front-end and two back-end developers to join our team and aid in the continued developments of the platform as outlined in our roadmap. We welcome candidates with excellent programming experience and who have an interest in blockchain technologies and digital currencies.”



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