Global Award & Tour for Digital Art, the Lumen Prize has launched a new online art platform dedicated to promoting and collecting blockchain secured works of art by award winning and shortlisted Lumen Prize artists from around the world. The new marketplace utilizes blockchain technology to offer a secure way to collect digital editions. To achieve this, the company has partnered with Ascribe which registers each edition with a certificate of authenticity, including a built-in cryptographic ID unique to each piece.

Lumenus was created to provide digital artists with greater opportunities. Since its launch in 2012, the Lumen Prize for Digital Art has disbursed nearly $45,000 in prize money, toured the world four times and staged over 30 shows, seminars and events to raise the enjoyment of digital art across the globe. The platform has launched with the digital creations of Marcus West of Cardiff, Wales, Claire Reika Wright of Banbury, UK and Alejandro Dávalos of Quito, Ecuador. More works are expected to follow.

Carla Rapoport, Lumen Prize Director & Founder, commented: “Lumenus has been designed to make collecting digitally created works of art as easy as possible and to provide opportunities for digital artists to sell their works to new audiences in a secure fashion,”



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