Michigan based firm, CERTUS+ (CERTUS Management Consultants LLC) will present on the future of blockchain adoption in airlines in a speech by Paul Singh entitled “How should Airlines harness the power of emerging technologies to re-define air travel”. Taking place on September 9th 2016 at 12:20 pm at the Aviation Festival in London, it will provide insights and a practical approach on how airlines should adopt new technologies such as blockchain, deep learning, beacons, smart sensors & chatbots to shape the future of air travel and customer experience.

Singh stated: “Rapid technological change has provided a tremendous opportunity for airlines to redefine passenger experience. The critical factor is the speed at which airlines can adopt and harness the power of these emerging technological changes. Earlier this year, the Co-creation Forum at FTE Europe, 2016 highlighted a number of crucial issues that all airlines must address in order to remain relevant. Fostering a culture of innovation ranked at the top of the order. Innovative technologies hold the power to disrupt an industry. Players, who understand the changing trends & adapt and in fact lead these disruptions, will survive and thrive. For too long, airlines have focused on improvements that yield only an incremental change. With advancements in technology, time is now ripe for a disruption leading to step function change.”

Jaspreet Gurm, Principal at CERTUS+ Mumbai office, noted: “Newer technologies such as blockchain have the potential to profoundly change travel as we know it. Imagine a future with no queues at the immigration counters and seamless integration between different modes of travel and stay options!”

Associate Partner CERTUS+, Manmeet Narula, who is a PhD from UCLA & a Data Science expert, stated: “In today’s data driven world, it is imperative that our customers are more than just static records in a CRM system. We need to constantly look for the voice of the customer and mine the data for insights that ensure superior customer experience. In the challenging competitive world of airlines, ‘knowing’ your customer will provide a strategic edge.”



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