Blockchain Technologies Corp., the New York- based company which aims to bring technology and transparency to the election process, has expand its suite of tamper-resistant blockchain election technology. With the latest addition, voters have the ability to report any suspicious activity or behaviour observed in the election. This work comes amid news of hackers threatening the upcoming election and at least one candidates vocalising concerns about possible rigging, undermining the public’s trust in the election process.

The incident reporting system, which is now live, will allow voters to report any incidents they suspect of being foul play onto a blockchain database from a website accessible via mobile phone or computer. By using the Florincoin blockchain as the means of storage, the reports submitted on the website by voters will become a permanent record that is viewable by anyone and cannot be changed or deleted. The app allows voters to enter contact info if they wish to be contacted for further details about their observations.

Although the company is intent on promoting the possibilities and benefits of blockchain technology for voters with its new reporting app, it remains committed to the proven effectiveness of a paper ballot-based system and the integrity of the American electoral process.

Nick Spanos, CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp., commented: “Paper ballots are the only way to capture voters’ intent that people have trusted for eons. The patented voting system we have developed uses the blockchain to bring increased transparency and auditability to the counting of ballots,”

Earlier this year the company live recorded Iowa Caucus results on the blockchain and conducted elections at the Libertarian Party state conventions in Texas and New York, bringing a much-needed update to the antiquated systems that some American voters have to use.



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