B9lab has announced that the first graduates of its Ethereum Developers Course are now registered on the Ethereum blockchain. Those who passed will not only have their certificates verified on the Ethereum Platform but also have the possibility to add them to LinkedIn.

Elias Haase, founder of B9lab, remarked: “We’re preparing participants to go straight into building DApps for some of the most demanding clients in the world. The course certificate is a signal of the highest achievement in the field and this also now can be checked via our blockchain certification center.”

The nine-week course was created in response to requests for developers from a wide range of companies, governments and institutions. Conducted online, the course teaches software engineers the basics of blockchain technology as well as languages and tools required to build decentralised applications on the Ethereum platform. The core focus is on the programming language Solidity, how to use web3 and the Truffle framework and lastly, how to tie everything together. Step by step, participants build a fully functioning decentralised application, deploy it and test it.

Founder of B9lab, Damien Ducourty commented: “We feel comfortable placing any of our successful graduates with clients that we’ve built trust and had relationships with for many years,”

The pass mark is high and requires an average of 80% or more on both coursework and examinations. Support is provided real time by course directors, who have been part of the blockchain community from the beginning and witnessed the technology evolve. There are also opportunities for collaboration and information exchange through multiple communication channels.

Jef, a graduate of the course, said: “The support while on the course was responsive keeping me unblocked on all of my little learning stumbles. Also as the network of DAPP development tools updated through the course the staff kept up with the newest developments including adding it to the course materials.”



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