Intelling, a consultancy specializing in secure transactions, has published a new Smart Insights White Paper titled “Blockchain: versatility by means of transparency,” in partnership with TRUSTECH, a global event dedicated to trust-based technologies. Downloadable for free from its website, the company hopes to bring to its readers information on blockchain technology and its applications.

With blockchain’s flexibility, security and resilience, Smart Insights has highlighted numerous experiments in various fields. This White Paper “Blockchain: versatility by means of transparency” exhibits the advantages and inconveniences of blockchain, and presents examples of ongoing experiments.

Benefits of using technology are described as the high level of service, speed, diversity, convenience and high level of transparency and security. The report describes how blockchain could be leveraged to cut costs and improve the transparency of financial transactions or be used in creating and maintaining the truth. It also points out the versatility of the technology. Uses of blockchain technology that are noted in the report include: insurance, voting, commodities and data management.



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