Harvard-incubated Big Data and IoT consulting marketplace Experfy, which is home to 25,000 data experts, has announced the launch of a training platform to bridge the widening skills gap in the Big Data and the Internet of Things space. Experfy is also developing courses on cloud, security, and emerging technologies such as blockchain and augmented reality. Courses such as Visualizing Medicare Part B Data, Supply Chain Optimization, Smart Cities, and Sports Injury Analytics, Cross-selling and Upselling of Products and Services provide a focus on industry use-cases based on real projects on Experfy’s Consulting Marketplace.

Sarabjot Kaur, Co-CEO of Experfy, noted: “The mapping of courses to real projects enables Experfy to stand out among plethora of training sites and MOOCs, where courses are less practical and typically taught by ‘trainers’ and ‘teaching assistants’ rather than industry practitioners. Furthermore, our pairing of students with data scientists and data engineers working on existing projects in our consulting marketplace to form an apprenticeship ushers a new educational model that is sorely needed by the industry,”

Big Data Analytics and the IoT space are changing rapidly and Experfy is engaging thought leaders and practitioners who are playing an active role in this evolution. Experts from leading tech companies like IBM, Cisco, Apple and academic institutions such as MIT Media Labs are teaching courses whose curriculum will be updated every quarter. From both foundational and executive courses on data science and IoT to industry-specific courses on machine learning, Experfy’s goal is to provide video-based on-demand training and mentorship through bootcamps and instructor-led courses. Anyone can submit a course idea for review, but all courses go through peer review before they are published. Experfy shares revenues with instructors.

Experfy also plans to release an API, allowing enterprises to create their own customer-facing consulting marketplace and training platform to increase adoption of their products and services. It has been widely agreed that IoT will need to rely on blockchain technology and smart contracts in order to function as the security and self-governance provided will be essential.



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