Lisk, the blockchain app platform, has announced a growth in the number of community projects on its platform and start-ups seeking to solve real-world problems. LiskSocket is a WebSocket service which provides real time information on transactions and new blocks on the Lisk blockchain. The community has created several implementations of the Lisk API in different languages, e.g. C# / C#, Python, and Node.JS. Additionally, these community developers have been working on tools to provide more information about the network, the nodes, or to simplify the platform features.

Some of the tools that have been developed include:
• Lisk-autoVote – a script which automatically votes on delegates from text files with delegate names, addresses and public keys.
• LiskMonitor a stand-alone PowerShell script to do end-user monitoring on Lisk Main-net and Test-net nodes and delegates.
• – a Lisk toolset for maintaining a Lisk server
• Lisk Army Knife – a forging failover and command line Lisk
• LiskMonitor (app) – An Android application to monitor delegate account status

Another way of accessing the Lisk platform, the Lisk Lite Client provides a fast experience for viewing, depositing and sending LSK. The Lisk Lite Mobile Client by FreeWallet enables the same on Android and iOS smartphones. There is also a website, which generates a paper wallet for the secure long-term storage of LSK.

Furthermore, blockchain enthusiasts are examining Lisk for potential solutions of current real-world problems. Some examples include: Blocksafe, an upcoming blockchain start-up, will use a combination of Lisk, BitTorrent and Telehash to create its infrastructure for smart devices of firearms. LiskDice, an upcoming gaming solution built on the Lisk platform, recently raised over 4000 BTC in its crowdfunding.



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