Global provider of product development and software engineering solutions, EPAM Systems, Inc. has announced today that a team of experts will be focused on identifying and implementing a new category of solutions using blockchain technology, exploring the potential that it offers in enabling the transition from distributed computing to distributed applications.

Balazs Fejes, Co-Head of Global Business at EPAM, commented: “We are excited to apply our substantial engineering capabilities to help drive blockchain technology innovation in Fin-tech and other industries. Several global teams have been working to define and implement distributed ledger technology within the financial industry. Through our research, we have learned that similar concepts work across multiple industries, from Insurance to Retail. Given the potential disruptive nature of this technology, we are investing our time and resources in designing accelerators that will enable clients to fast-track adoption and time-to-market for their enterprises.”

EPAM’s team is focusing on the wider adoption of technology capabilities supported by blockchain, including decentralized consensus, trusted computing, smart contracts and proof of work. In addition, the team is currently developing solutions for the online gambling and gaming industry.

Fejes continued: “This technology may become a differentiating factor for many companies, enabling them to process whatever transactions they are involved in with more privacy, speed and efficiency. We are committed to helping our clients explore the benefits of blockchain to help them stay ahead of the potential disruptions to their respective industries.”



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