Orderbook, a decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange, launched its inaugural real estate technology company ICO, Propy Inc. So far, the ICO has attracted investments worth over $12.7 million from a range of participants with varying interest in Propy’s technology implementation and business model.

The Orderbook platform gives users access to blockchain technology without requiring an understanding of how the it works on a technical level. Orderbook provides an ICO Widget, a piece of Ethereum-based software, which allows participation in the Propy ICO. Doing this allows participants to contribute through its decentralized platform without leaving the ICO’s website. Use fof the widget is intended to improve transaction functionality and make the entire process of conducting an ICO more secure and streamlined for blockchain companies and their supporters.

All critical operations within Orderbook are executed via Ethereum smart contracts, establishing immutable security and transparency for participants by recording all transactions on the blockchain. As a decentralised platform, Orderbook is entirely trustless and stores all assets on-chain. Exchange operators do not have access to users’ keys, and therefore cannot withdraw customer funds directly. The smart contract implementation also contains a unique recovery function.