Preview of the ClearPoll App. (PRNewsfoto/Nextech)

Australian Company Nextech has revealed the creation of its project ClearPoll - a system that allows users worldwide to browse for opinion polls on topics they have an interest in, vote on the polls and then view detailed results. The system makes use of blockchain technology to securely store the votes and results, ensuring that no individual or corporation can tamper with or censor them.

In an effort to bring transparency to public opinion, rather than relying on what is reported, ClearPoll believes that the only solution is to decentralise the public opinion poll data and make it completely viewable to the public, removing the influence of any intermediaries or the possibility of censorship.

ClearPoll aims to be a hub for accurate public opinion, with a social aspect gives users a voice, but also to allow users to discover what the public is thinking on a wide range of topics such as politics, human rights, entertainment, sport etc. in addition to voting on polls, users also have the opportunity to decide on the next topics for polls.