Digital transformation consultancy, Productive Edge has announced the addition of MedCredits to its Blockchain Incubator. Launched earlier this year, the Blockchain Incubator is designed to identify promising blockchain projects and devote resources such as its development team to bringing those projects to market. MedCredits is the third project joining the incubator, which already supports Foreground and The

Managing Partner, Wyatt Kapastin commented: “Blockchain technology has the ability to transform the way business is conducted in nearly every industry. Our goal with the Blockchain Incubator is to identify blockchain projects with the strongest vision, expertise and team, and combine that with our full-suite development solutions at Productive Edge,”

MedCredits is creating a decentralized healthcare platform for medical services. Its first mission is to build a full-service telemedicine platform. Dermatology will be the first medical service launched on the platform. Following dermatology, MedCredits will expand its telemedicine services to include other specialties. As the platform grows, the volume of patient data that will be generated will be owned by the patients. The team aims to have a product available for testing in Q1 2018.

James Todaro, MD, cofounder of MedCredits, remarked: “The heart of medicine is in the patient-doctor encounter. Everything else should aim to optimize that encounter. By offering real medical services, MedCredits lies closest to the source of healthcare data-that is, the patients and doctors.”

Cofounder of MedCredits, Dr. Moshe Praver, MD, stated: “The beauty of starting in teledermatology lies in its simplicity. A patient can take a photo of their skin problem and be evaluated immediately by doctors worldwide. Through this process, MedCredits will ultimately become both a unified healthcare service application as well as an electronic medical record system.”