Ethereum blockchain-based gambling solution, Acebusters has announced its upcoming crowdsale, starting on September the 21st. The crowdsale will be capped and will raise funds to implement the milestones mentioned in its whitepaper and on its website, including implementing Sit-and-Go, and a decentralized, secure, p2p architecture with a guaranteed fairly shuffled deck.

A decentralized poker platform, Acebusters hs the goal of making online poker more profitable, fair, and secure than existing models. As a decentralized application it will offer the service of dealing cards and settling bets, utilising the global coverage allowed by blockchain technology to allow players worldwide to connect and create a borderless poker liquidity pool. So far, during its beta, more than 10,000 hands have been played at the tables.

Helge Wieding, entrepreneur and poker enthusiast, remarked: “Online poker should be thrilling, profitable and secure. Legacy poker platforms were not able to guarantee these factors and thus led to a downslide of the online poker economy.”

Acebusters technical initiator, Johann Barbie explained: “With the Acebusters Dapp we offer the pleasure and excitement of playing poker (and of course the chance to earn money) to anybody, anytime and anywhere without the need for players to trust any third party with the custody of their funds.”