Visible Assets, Inc., a private Industrial and Defense Internet of Things company based in New Hampshire, has released a new systems’ product, AccuAudit IO. AccuAudit is based on a blockchain verified audit trail tied to RuBee wireless tags and readers. AccuAudit has adopted the secure SHA256 hash chain widely used in financial blockchains to provide a verified ‘Chain of Possession’ audit trail. The combination of RuBee IO application Framework, AccuAudit IO, and RuBee Wireless Tags and Readers provide Auto ID Solutions with enhanced security, accurate possession trails, and optimized factory automation with secure verified blockchain audits for sensitive items.

Visible sells a variety of integrated Auto-ID, IEEE 1902.1 systems built upon the core RuBee IO framework that will use AccuAudit. Some examples include: Armory 20/20 – to secure small arms armories; Store 20/20 - explosive and sensitive item stores; Factory 20/20 - defense, aerospace, and FDA regulated factories; Allegro 20/20 - weapons shot counting. RuBee Wireless tags, which emit magnetic fields, have been chosen due to the conditions expected at many of the sites the products are targeted at.

CEO of Visible, John Stevens remarked: “Most of our customers are obligated to do routine audits for regulated or sensitive items with manual pencil and paper, recording serial numbers, or barcodes with stock keeping cards. Audit data is often manually entered into larger enterprise systems on a daily basis. RuBee IO and AccuAudit automates that audit process while eliminating high labor costs and errors. This is achieved with real-time asset status reported many times each day.”

RuBee Wireless has a proven zero safe separation distance on fused ordnance and on nuclear warheads, in addition to being safe on and near high explosives. RuBee has no nulls, or multipath interference so provides 100% read accuracy and can manage and optimize product flow on any factory floor on or near steel, and liquids. The tags have a five to fifteen year battery life, and meet MIL-STD-810F.

Tim Pierce, VP of Business Development, said: “RuBee wireless systems combined with the RuBee IO framework and AccuAudit provide full automation and security of assets for our Defense/Industrial Internet of Things customers. We integrate sensors into the RuBee tags that detect shock, temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors which impact the performance of the asset. The AccuAudit reports contain physical location, sensor data linked to customer defined limits, and asset history. These capabilities have the ability to replace existing manual auditing requirements.”



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