Decentralized blockchain application platform Lisk has announced a collaboration with blockchain consultancy, lightcurve GmbH. The new Berlin-based company will be contracted by the Lisk Foundation to support the development and promotion of the platform, whilst also assisting with the management of the Lisk community. This follows the registration of the Lisk Foundation, a Swiss ‘Stiftung’, or not-for-profit, which took place in December 2016. Currently the Lisk Foundation controls over $10,000,000 USD in cryptocurrency with their funds open to public inspection.

Max Kordek, President of the Lisk Foundation, stated: “Today, we are proud to announce our collaboration with lightcurve GmbH, an enterprise fully committed to serving the needs of the Lisk Foundation and the project overall. The lightcurve GmbH will support the Lisk Foundation in the development and promotion of the Lisk project,”

Registered in December 2016, the Lisk Foundation has a permanent mission to enable the project to develop into a widely used, next generation, blockchain application platform set out by its Founders in the Lisk Development Roadmap. Over the course of its five phases of progression, the Foundation will oversee the work completed by individual, independent contractors and will continue to provide detailed financial reports to the community on a regular basis.

Kordek added: “In December 2016 we concluded the year with our most important announcement to date: the creation of the Lisk Foundation and the opening of our financial books for public inspection. Today marks another major milestone for the Lisk project as this collaboration will ensure the continuous development and promotional work needed to conclude the goals set by the development roadmap,”

Lightcurve also announced its intention to hire additional, experienced software developers and marketing coordinators to join the company to work on the Lisk project.

Kordek remarked: “To kick start the development effort, lightcurve GmbH is currently conducting daily intensive meetings with the whole team to conceptualize the Lisk SDK. By concentrating on the needs and requirements of our end users, lightcurve GmbH is working to make our Lisk SDK as useful as possible, setting Lisk apart from any other blockchain application platform on the market. For us to now move forward with the next milestones of the roadmap, lightcurve is actively seeking developers from across the world to join the Lisk project team. After completing a successful first year, we are now building a network of first-class collaborations to ensure that the blockchain application platform will be powerful and ubiquitous.”



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