Blocksafe is a novel application of blockchain which uses the technology to manage smart gun functionality, adding a higher level of security and privacy to all types of smart gun hardware. Intending to add privacy and security to smart guns, which themselves are a move to prevent or de-incentivise accidental shootings and gun theft, the system is issuing a new token – ‘Trigger’, which will be used as its blockchain token.

Beginning on Sept 8, 2016, the 28-day crowd sale will see the Trigger token issued by the Blockchain Foundation and co-sponsored and facilitated on the Bittrex exchange. Additionally, LISK will utilise the platform’s sidechain technology in order to be integrated into the main blockchain, and will delegate entry using its proprietary dapp master node system.

Speaking to Bitcoinist, CEO Kevin Barnes described the integration with LISK blockchain platform, explaining: “The mobile phones connected to the network pay a major role in this as the app will have wallet (containing LISK ) to be part of the determining factor of voting. Some smart device depending on 3rd parties (smart devices and how they are developed) may as well may be inclusive. Thus, the devices and phones will play a huge part in the growth of the machine-to-machine economy.”

The ICO schedule is as follows:
Thursday, September 8, 11 am pt, 8000 TRIG per bitcoin (24 hours)
Friday, September 9, 11 am pt, 6400 TRIG per bitcoin (lasts 7 days)
Thursday, September 16, 11 am pt, 6000 per bitcoin (7 days)
Thursday, September 23, 11 am pt, 5400 TRIG per bitcoin (7 days)
Thursday, September 30, 11 am pt, 5000 TRIG per bitcoin (7 days)
Thursday, October 7 11 am pt , crowdsale ends.



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