Another participant in our recent Chain-Finance interview and workshop series is Peter Jensens from Finclusion Systems. We talked with Peter about the HEAL Alliance and its Smart Impact Bond.

What is your project and why are you doing this?
HEAL Bond on Blockchain is a Smart Impact Bond in development by Finclusion Systems for HEAL Alliance. The mission of HEAL Alliance is to collectively fund and find the Cure for HIV faster and to Eradicate HIV. HEAL Alliance is not-for-profit. HIV is the deadliest most expensive and tragic pandemic in modern human history.

Why are you using blockchain technology for this bond?

All the usual reasons. Efficiency. Transparency. Cost-savings. Access to Market. Innovation. Etc.

Why is blockchain technology so relevant to your project?

Extreme efficiency enables issue price-per-unit at uniquely affordable price, for example $10 or less. Extreme transparency enables confidence in public benefit projects.

Could it be done using a non-blockchain based platform?

Probably not.

Which blockchain tech are you using for your platform? If so, why did you choose that particular technology over another blockchain based platform?

Bitcoin and Ethereum. Most established, tested and reliable.

What are the challenges you are currently facing using blockchain technology to launch a financial instrument? How are you addressing those challenges?

Rapidly developing and changing environment. Immature technology. Regulatory compliance issues.




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