Blockchain technology developer Eris Industries has selected Ledger as its hardware security partner to help protect the blockchain-based infrastructure of its customers.

Ledger is a technological leader in the blockchain security industry and provides a wide range of trusted hardware solutions for both consumer and enterprise usage. The company grew in prominence with the success of its smart card-based bitcoin hardware wallet, and has since extended this to the B2B market with its Trusted Execution Environment and HSM solutions.

Casey Kuhlman, Eris Industries’ CEO, added a comment abut the new partnership:

“Ledger is at the forefront of providing tools to secure blockchains and manage private keys. Ledger’s BOLOS platform is a crucial security offering which fills a vital security gap in the blockchain ecosystem. We are therefore very pleased to be working with Ledger, and together we will provide our users with the most flexible, capable, and user-friendly application development tooling in the market today.”

Eric Larchevêque, Ledger’s CEO, commented:

“Eris Industries is a fast growing blockchain infrastructure provider for Fortune 500 customers. We are looking forward to deploying our solutions to their infrastructure and bring a strong layer of security to the management of critical workflows and cryptographic primitives.”




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