The ‘Blockchain for Finance Conference’ is set to be held in Dublin on October the 3rd and 4th 2017, with over 250 senior fintech experts converging on the Aviva Stadium to discuss their blockchain strategies, in a bid to move their blockchain projects from proof-of-concept to full-scale deployment.

Speakers at the event will range from blockchain experts such as Brian Behlendorf (Hyperledger), Matthew Spoke (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) and Clive Cooke (R3) to financial names including Hadley Stern (Fidelity), Jeremy Wilson (Barclays) and Moiz Kohari (State Street), in order to address some of the challenges companies are facing when looking at the business case for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies within financial services. Other speaking organisations at the conference include Credit Suisse, IOTA, KBC, BNY Mellon, Aeternity, Credit Agricole, Deutsche Bank. Melonport and Deloitte amongst others.

There are a number of topics up for discussion at the event, which include:
• Blockchain Use Cases: Examining how POCs in areas including trade finance, payments, insurance, identity, supply chain finance, syndicated loans, securities and clearing are moving into full production.
• Blockchain, Digital & Fintech: Exploring how financial services companies are looking to incorporate blockchain technology into their wider business strategy to aid forward planning.
• Regulation, Compliance and Legal: Addressing legal uncertainty surrounding blockchain with a focus on smart contracts, standards and big data and how the landscape is likely to take shape moving into 2018.
• Technology Concerns: Discussing the importance of interoperability and scalability for blockchain technology, as well as the security issues that still concern financial services.