Decentralized entertainment industry creator SingularDTV has announced a new collaboration with Centrality, a venture production studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. Centrality has a blockchain applications platform and provides programming and development solutions as well as go-to-market strategies for blockchain start-ups.

Centrality employ 40 fulltime programmers and currently have 12 decentralized applications in development, 3 of which are SingularDTV/Centrality co-productions. The union between SingularDTV and Centrality has doubled the number of SingularDTV applications in fulltime development.

Zach LeBeau, CEO of SingularDTV, explained: “Centrality’s superpower is focusing on blockchain applications for the consumer. They’re on a specific mission just like we are; the creation of a decentralized economy. The synergy between our two enterprises is inspiring. We look forward to breaking new ground together.”

Centrality’s Head of Blockchain is Leon Huang, former VP of technology at JP Morgan. He has also held senior roles with Credit Suisse and Barclays Capital. Huang left the banking sector where he headed Alibaba’s blockchain initiative and oversaw the development and implementation of Alibaba’s first blockchain application. Huang is responsible for the overall architecture of Centrality’s blockchain platform. Centrality is led by Managing Director, Aaron McDonald, who comes from an entrepreneurial background and held leadership positions in large technology companies managing portfolios over $1b in value. He has vast experience across multiple specializations and sectors, from engineering and architecture to product management and development as well as marketing and sales.

SingularDTV aims to create a decentralized ‘Entertainment Economy’ with its suite of blockchain applications and new economic models designed to empower artists and creators by giving them control over the rights and revenue flow of their intellectual property. Centrality’s focus is on the development of commercial and innovative decentralized applications for the consumer, focusing on making blockchain accessible for the average person.