D10e has announce its decentralization event will be held in Romania next month. This is d10e’s sixth conference and will feature a lineup of 40 presenters including a talk with Vit Jedlicka, president of start-up country Liberland, a micronation claiming a parcel of disputed land on the western bank of the Danube river, between Croatia and Serbia.

Alongside the discussion with president Jedlicka, the event will have keynote speeches by David Orban and Gary Whitehall. The two-day conference, which runs on February the 21st to the 22nd, focuses on the future of decentralizing technologies in financial technology, with themes centred on blockchain technology, disruptive culture, the sharing economy and the future of work.

Orban, managing partner at Network Society Ventures, said: “Decentralization is an unstoppable consequence of the exponential technologies that we see around us, implemented by passionate and creative teams all over the world. For Network Society Ventures to be at d10e is to be at the center of this phase transformation in our socio-economic organization, and I am excited to be keynoting it!”

Mike Costache, who joined the d10e team following last year’s Amsterdam conference, said attendees will be provided with insights into the overall state of decentralization, actionable knowledge and a unique cultural and educational experience with some of today’s most cutting edge areas of technology.

Costache commented: “Romania may not come to anyone’s mind when thinking about the world’s most promising places for tech and start-ups, but it does have a flourishing start up community and is on its way to adopting decentralisation in many areas of life and business,”

Founder of d10e, Brock Pierce added: “The d10e conference spearheads not only the technical tools of decentralization such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains, but [also] the sharing of resources in the peer-to-peer economy and new ways of collaboration and organization.”

Organisers have planned city tours in Bucharest, along with a trip to Transylvania, and networking socials. The conference will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Bucharest, Romania.



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