In a few months Abu Dhabi will play host to the Blockchain Conference (B Conference) - the major FinTech event in the Middle East, which is dedicated to the development of blockchain technology. The conference program will feature over 20 speakers from major global financial institutions and blockchain startups.

Taking place on the 8th December 2016, the agenda of the conference explores a combination between fintech entrepreneurs, bankers and governments across Europe, Middle East and the rest of the world. The B Conference is created with the emphasis on learning in practice, with auditorium sessions, café sessions, all with the common theme of interaction and engagement. The program includes 3 blocks with topics and experiences of the worldwide blockchain technologies development.

The first block comprises of introductions and includes such topics as the means of blockchain and opportunities for it, where blockchain start-ups are on the UAE map, blockchain payments and remittance, and whether or not digital currencies are truly viable.

In the second block security and regulation take centre stage, with security settlements and law enforcement and regulation being debated. This is a topic that has become increasingly popular as some companies apply KYC and AML compliance to their blockchains in an effort to increase their security and adoption.

For the final block, real case study and practical usage of blockchain technology will be examined. Examples of applications will include: oil freight, real estate transactions, digital asset trading, publishing, global freight and solar power.

So far, Pavlo Tanasyuk, CEO of BlockVerify; Loretta Joseph, Director of Market Development at the Sydney Stock Exchange; and George Basiladze, Founder and Co-CEO at Cryptopay, are all confirmed speakers.

The aim of this event is to offer bankers, VCs, startups, unicorns, payment companies, government officials and others the opportunity to actively exchange information and establish strategic alliances. The B Conference will take place at Mariott Downtown Abu Dhabi on the 8th December 2016.



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