Bloq, who recently were appointed to the Chamber of Digital Commerce, has launched its first product: a multi-pronged blockchain software solution designed to allow enterprise users the ability to create, update, customize and analyse their own public, private, and permissioned blockchains. BloqEnterprise is immediately available for deployment.

BloqEnterprise will serve as a blockchain operating system for private and public blockchains, with components that include:

  • BloqRouter, a fast and secure Bitcoin full node, with a hardened Bitcoin Core fork and option to switch to Bitcoin Classic (BIP 109).
  • BloqDev, a bitcoin-originated enterprise blockchain app development environment for Java, JavaScript and Python.
  • BloqView, a network-level “weather report” dashboard, with data analytics and anomaly detection for public and private blockchain networks that answers questions enterprise clients need answered.
  • BloqSLA, an enterprise-grade Service Level Agreement for 24-7 support.
    BloqThink, a high-level strategic professional services component.

Bloq co-founder, Jeff Garzik described BloqEnterprise’s trustless build architecture as “the most hardened build infrastructure in fintech.” Gitian technology is said to render a back-door vulnerability or hack impossible. Hot fixes are delivered within hours, with major updates 2-3 times a year.

Garzik commented:

“Open source is key to rapid innovation and this has been true of both the early days of Linux and cryptocurrency. But at some point, there needs to be an enterprise-grade solution for a technology to be reliable enough to play in the Fortune 500. You can’t sit around and hope that unpaid enthusiast volunteers come up with an update. Red Hat solved this problem for the Linux market, and Bloq will solve it for the blockchain.”

Recently Bloq has expanded its team by appointing advisors:

  • Andreas Schildbach, who maintains the bitcoin repository, as a developer
  • Bitcoin core developer and long-standing chief scientist, Gavin Andresen
  • The “father of the smart contract” Nick Szabo
  • Enterprise software entrepreneur Andrew Filipowski
  • Former CFTC chairman James Newsome
  • Investor/blockchain authority William Mougayar



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