Various trade groups representing the digital asset and blockchain industries have launched the Global Blockchain Forum to facilitate development of an international blockchain policy framework.

Founding members include the US Chamber of Digital Commerce, Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association, the UK Digital Currency Association and the Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprises and Start-ups in Singapore.

The Global Blockchain Forum hopes to establish international industry best practices to enable globally interoperable blockchain innovation across jurisdictions. In addition, GBF members will collaborate on consistent outreach and engagement with policymakers to fostergreater understanding and increased use of digital asset  and blockchain technology worldwide.

Perianne Boring, Founder and President, Chamber of Digital Commerce, commented on the founding of the forum:

“The blockchain is a global technology platform for innovation, and many of our Members have a global presence. In an era of regulatory fragmentation, it’s critically important that we establish consistent regulatory frameworks around the world to reduce compliance cost and latency. The Global Blockchain Forum is a crucial step to drive global adoption.“

Ron Tucker, Chairman, Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association, added:

“Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to rethink business models in almost every industry. A globally consistent regulatory framework will speed up the pace of innovation and simplify implementation.”

Paul Ferris, Board Member, UK Digital Currency Association, noted:

“As blockchain technology continues to expand worldwide, we look forward to welcoming additional member countries to collaborate with us and deepen the scope of cooperation.”

Anson Zeall, Chairman of the Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprises and Start-ups Singapore (ACCESS), stated:

“We look forward to working together with these organizations in educating the public, engaging with regulators, and advocating for the blockchain industry. Most importantly, we are hopeful that this global initiative will also advance blockchain adoption more swiftly.“



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