ICOBox, the SaaS provider for conducting coin offerings, has revealed TokenStars’ ACE to be the first publicly announced customer for its Box Solution. A token sale is scheduled to begin on the 31st of August, 2017. TokenStars is a blockchain talent management agency with decentralized talent scouting and promotion aiming to disrupt the athlete management industry. According to TokenStars’ source, currently the top-10 talent management agencies have $25.3 billion in contracts under management, $1.19 billion in yearly commissions and 3,731 years of contracts signed.

TokenStars aims to provide funds and promotion resources to young tennis players with its ACE token sale, whilst giving token holders a chance to lock in favourable deals in sports marketing and athlete access years before gifted youngsters reach their full earning potential. To achieve this, it is using all three components of Box Solution: platform, legal and marketing. Besides relying on ICObox for its book-building platform, a smart contract (which drives the ACE token) and a token management system, TokenStars is using both legal and marketing support modules for developing its main project information sources, ACE marketing strategy, and advertising.

Nick Evdokimov, ICOBox co-founder and Vision Director, remarked: “TokenStars is the first of many startups that ICOBox is going to help with its Box Solution. The mission of ICOBox is to provide startups’ ICOs with the assurance of professionalism and regulatory compliance, to help them avoid cost overruns so that they can focus on executing their business model. In this case, we at ICOBox are thrilled to help TokenStars execute its business plan that in the end helps talented kids – aspiring tennis athletes from around the world – to follow their dreams into the professional sports arena.”

According to TokenStars, owners of ACE tokens buy into TokenStars’ platform which offers significant discounts in future endorsement contracts and access to athletes once they reach international celebrity status in exchange for helping TokenStars offset some of its costs as they provide necessary professional services that young tennis players need to advance in the sport.

Successful tennis players earn between $20 million and $110 million over the course of their careers, and token holders will get a chance to sign such high-value contracts, among other perks, at a significant – reportedly 75% on average - discount. TokenStars aims to attract $15 million via the ACE token sale to both help young athletes with early professional expenses and enable token holders to tap these athletes for services at a significant discount in the future. TokenStars hopes token sale proceeds could support at least 20 promising tennis players and 2-5 professional players, as well as sign several full-time coaches and possibly a small academy for ACE juniors.

CEO of TokenStars, Pavel Stukolov explained: “TokenStars is aiming to disrupt traditional talent management industry, decentralizing it and sharing the value among the community. Although TMA market is bigger than the GDP of Serbia or Cyprus, it still doesn’t have a standardized platform to evaluate junior players. With the ACE token sale, we’ll fix this industry deficiency.”

Founded by Pavel Stukolov, a Russian entrepreneur with a high-tech and financial background, the project brings together an advisory board of star tennis players, global top coaches, and scouts, who have a deep knowledge of the industry. The advisors team includes players like Anastasiya Myskina, No. 2 in WTA ranking, Roland Garros champion (Grand Slam tournament), the winner of 2 Federation Cups and 21 international tournaments, and Elena Masolova, Forbes top-30 Internet entrepreneurs.