Smart Charging Stations (PRNewsfoto/NetObjex, Inc)

NetObjex, an IoT-Blockchain application enablement platform provider, has partnered with the Brooklyn Public Library in order to offer patrons Smart Mobile Phone Charging Station technology. Powered by NetObjex’s IoT-Blockchain technology platform, these charging stations enable Brooklyn Public Library to offer its patrons more convenience and security, while improving engagement through videos and surveys. Brooklyn Public Library serves a community of nearly one million cardholders with over 60 locations in the borough of Brooklyn, New York.

These Smart Charging Stations are free for use to consumers, and allow the charging of mobile devices in secure enclosures with integration to the user’s library cards. In exchange, users are required to complete an engagement, usually involving watching a short 15-30 second video clip and/or answering a brief survey. This provides Brooklyn Public Library a tool for collecting valuable data for analytics, with the objective of improving services at the library and the community at large.

Powering these charging stations is the NetObjex IoT-Blockchain platform that enables data collection through sensors, storage & visualization of data in the cloud, marketing campaign management, and optional integration into enterprise systems and blockchain through a point-and-click browser-based app.

Raghu Bala, Chief Innovator for NetObjex, remarked: “Mobile phones are an essential tool in our everyday lives and our Smart Mobile Charging Stations are unique in that they not only provide utility to the library, but are an all-in-one consumer engagement device”

Manager of Enterprise Applications at Brooklyn Public Library, Donnell Perkins commented: “The NetObjex Smart Mobile Charging Stations are helping BPL provide a valuable service to our customers. Patrons have the peace of mind that their phones are secure while being charged, freeing them to explore the facilities at our libraries. We are always looking for ways to improve service to our community, and the video and survey capabilities along with the IoT sensors enable us to serve relevant content to our patrons, helping them learn more about the library.”