Ambisafe (PRNewsfoto/Ambisafe)

Ambisafe has released the Beta version of Orderbook, an ethereum token exchange platform for Ethereum-based ICO tokens. The platform allows ICO participants to take advantage of high security, in which all critical operations are executed via Ethereum smart contracts.

The asset information available on the platform includes dividend history, trading protocols, transaction volumes and analytics from trusted cryptocurrency sources. One of the main aspects that Orderbook prides itself on as exchanges is its high levels of security.

The platform ensures full transparency as it is entirely implemented as a set of smart contracts. All transactions happening over the platform are recorded immutably on the blockchain – making it impossible to manipulate any of the existing records. It will enable record keeping of the entire trade history, readily available for anyone to audit.

Orderbook is a trustless platform where all assets are stored on-chain. Exchange operators do not have access to users’ keys and therefore cannot access customers’ funds directly. The smart contract implementation contains a recovery function which makes it a very secure Ethereum wallet with a conventional user interface. It allows anyone to safely store their funds and net worth in digital assets on the platform. The trading interface contains additional information about companies and provides the ability to receive dividends and other rewards directly to the exchange wallets, creating an efficient, transparent and versatile environment for the cryptocurrency industry.