Graphene Operating System - GEOS - a fully decentralised operating system for blockchain applications, has announced a crowdsale of the GEOS cryptocurrency token, set to start in Q3 2017.

GEOS offers a flexible blockchain architecture platform to enable quick and easy deployment of decentralised applications, reducing user fees and can scales to millions of transactions per second through a blockchain hyperscaling mechanism. The GEOS system uses a decentralized governance model, including a built in treasury and on-chain voting mechanisms. It aims to solve existing problems in blockchain platforms, which can be burdened by large fees and limited computational capacity, preventing widespread blockchain adoption.

Compared to existing blockchain platforms, GEOS hopes to provide an improved development model for decentralised applications, allowing developers to create decentralised applications with familiar tools, using traditional client-server paradigms including Service Oriented Architecture, REST and Linked Data. This stems from the belief of the GEOS community in evolving the web towards decentralisation instead of the current mind-set of paradigm shift which is described as incompatible with legacy frameworks and platforms.

GEOS is based on next generation scalable blockchain technologies, and will implement a decentralised governance model, which can drive the development of the platform. GEOS will also fund future development of the Graphene blockchain source code and is in the process of extending Graphene to support one of the first non-interactive sidechain implementations, which will bring inter-ledger networks to a new level, including enjoying the freedom of truly decentralised exchanges.

A significant portion of the GEOS genesis block will be Community Airdrop to all Bitshares and Steem token holders as GEOS is seen as an improvement of the Graphene software platform and therefore any improvement to Graphene should benefit the whole ecosystem of contributors. In addition, the software that powers GEOS, is being developed so that it can be used and merged by these communities as an improved base platform for their respective projects.

Early supporter bonuses are set to begin on the 15th of July.