Cosmos, the company creating the Internet of Blockchains, and the self-evolving cryptocurrency platform BOScoin, have signed a strategic partnership agreement. Cosmos and BOScoin will share resources, conduct research on blockchain technologies, and help expand the overall blockchain network.

Cosmos aims to create a network of distributed ledgers. The Cosmos network will solve various problems that persist in the blockchain ecosystem, including proof-of-stake, scalability, and interoperability of chains. The Cosmos network is comprised of independent parallel blockchains called zones. Each zone is powered by the Tendermint Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) and consensus algorithm, with Cosmos as the underlying network that connects them together.

Jae Kwon is a founder of Cosmos and a director of the Interchain Foundation, which recently concluded a fundraiser for Cosmos. Kwon is also the creator of Tendermint, a consensus engine that secures distributed ledgers without the need for waste on proof-of-work energy expenditure.

Kwon commented: “Cosmos is creating a common infrastructure for the internet of blockchains, to enable projects like BOScoin to focus on creating uniquely innovative financial applications while benefiting from our state of the art open-source consensus engine and growing ecosystem of interconnected applications.”

BOScoin aims to create a self-evolving cryptocurrency platform. BOScoin utilizes executable smart contracts called ‘Trust Contracts’ and has a decision-making body called the ‘Congress Network’ to ensure perpetual adaptation. The BOScoin Fundraiser starts on May 10th, 2017 and will last for 41 days. Overall 276,093,688.786 BOScoins will be distributed.

CEO of BOScoin, Changki Park noted: “With so many technological advances, it’s impossible to even predict the next 5 years. BOScoin is designed to evolve through an internal funding and voting system.”