VOISE, a blockchain-based content distribution and monetization platform for the music industry, has announced the launch of its Voisium tokens (VSM) crowdsale, starting on May 6th, 2017. The crowdsale is part of VOISE platform’s alpha stage roadmap, which includes the development and release of a range of client software.

The VOISE platform is built on Ethereum blockchain with the aim of empowering independent artists and musicians while enabling music lovers to discover, stream and download unique content. Artists joining VOISE platform will be able to monetize their content without the involvement of third parties or record labels who charge commissions. VOISE adopts a business model where 100% of the revenues on the platform are distributed to the artists.

The development team behind VOISE is working on creating an easy-to-use platform that doesn’t require users to possess special skills or prior knowledge of cryptocurrency and its underlying technology. In order to ensure familiarity with existing infrastructure and facilitate the transition between technologies, VOISE will also include support for fiat currencies on the platform.

For content consumers, VOISE is like other online music store applications, with a collection of tracks categorized according to release dates, genres, and albums. Users can browse through the collection and purchase the content of their choice using a range of currencies. VOISE store offers a wide range of music created by independent artists. If a user is a content creator, then they can also upload their creations to the platform and make it available for distribution. The VOISE Radio feature provides unlimited free and paid content for music lovers to listen to and enjoy.

Voisium, the native cryptocurrency on VOISE platform, is created using Ethereum smart contract technology, and it is available for purchase during the upcoming month-long crowdsale. The VSM tokens can also be purchased by peer-to-peer transfers and trading against other cryptocurrencies. The platform has set a finite supply of 100 million VSM tokens. Investors in VOISE platform stand to receive 160 VSM for every ETH contributed. However, those participating in the ICO during the first 16-hour window will be eligible for an additional 25% early bird bonus.

The proceeds from Voisium crowdsale will be utilized for further development of the platform to include a variety of features. The inclusion of fiat currency support will be one of the main features to be added in the near future. Soon, users will be able to pay for the content on VOISE with USD, EUR and GBP. They can later switch to using VSM for such transactions once they get familiar with the platform. The fiat support will be enabled through partnerships with exchange platforms, which VOISE intends to seek once it builds a significant user base.




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