Bloq, developer of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, has launched BloqLabs to expand its ongoing sponsorship and support of critical open source projects in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystems. BloqLabs launches with several foundational projects and platforms being supported and developed by Bloq, in addition to its own technology. These projects include: Drivechains, Qtum, VeriBlock, bitcoinj and the Android Bitcoin Wallet.

Jeff Garzik, CEO and Co-founder of Bloq, remarked: “In the 1900s, Bell Labs become known as the ‘The Idea Factory’ for global telecommunications. BloqLabs can set the tone for the blockchain era and ensure enterprises are tapping into every innovation from our vibrant community of developers.”

Andreas Schildbach, developer at Bloq and developer of the first bitcoin wallet for Android, maintains the bitcoinj repository primarily used in bitcoin wallets and transaction services globally.

Schildbach commented: “Open source is at the core of Bloq’s DNA, as both a patron and developer. I’m grateful for Bloq sponsoring work in open source blockchain software.”

An economist at Bloq, Paul Sztorc is the chief architect behind Drivechains, is a technology that allows a given blockchain system to temporarily mimic the properties of a rival, which ensures complete interoperability among all blockchain networks.

Sztorc said: “The record is clear: open source is the way to go – it’s better, faster, and more secure,” “I’m thrilled to have Bloq sponsor the project, few companies are this generous.”

Co-founder of the Qtum Project, Patrick Dai stated: “Businesses have been exploring blockchain technology for years now, but without widespread adoption. BloqLabs aligns with Qtum’s goal to bridge the gap between the business and technical worlds with open-source solutions that meet the commercial needs for privacy, security, and most importantly, usability,”

In the past 5 months, Bloq has acquired blockchain analytics pioneer Skry and co-launched Vulcan Digital Asset Services, a platform to enable digital assets to be used for everyday banking, commerce and asset related services, with PwC Australia.



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