M.A Blockchain, the decentralized public welfare system, has announced its formal launch following its introduction a few days ago at a press conference held in Montreal, Canada. Held by the Mind Asset Global Development Foundation, people and representatives of more than ten worldwide public-benefit organizations were present.

Since its initial foundation, M.A Blockchain has been dedicated to the exploration of blockchain. In a speech, Steven Bradley, MAGDF’s Secretary General, said that resolving the issue of trust through technical means was a key feature of blockchain technology. Accordingly, the development and maintenance teams of the M.A Blockchain have been applying it to future public welfare programs.

Also, Bradley expressed the willingness of the Foundation to provide the decentralized global public welfare system with technical and promotional support. Based on the open, transparent and irreversible features of the blockchain, all the processes and results concerning the commonweal cause will be put under the attention and monitoring of all sectors of society, which will promote progress of philanthropic programs by providing transparency, allowing mainstream society to attach more importance to and take a more active part in it.

In addition, Bradley revealed that in the first voting result of the decentralized M.A. Blockchain. With 54,326,163 votes (25.46% of the total votes obtained), ‘Greenpeace’ was ranked first and became the first public service organization to win a series of donations in multiple forms, such as encrypted digital money issued by the M.A. Blockchain.

Finally, Bradley disclosed that, in order to facilitate communication and interaction between philanthropic organizations, charity institutions and the participators all over the world, the international public welfare network community plan was also being prepared.



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