Blockchain data verification tool Tierion has announced it is releasing a new version of Chainpoint which it describes as a standard for creating a universally verifiable proof of any data, file, or series of events. The new protocol was designed to have improved speed and flexibility. Tierion has been upgraded to support Chainpoint 2.0. Using the tool, an unlimited amount of data ca be anchored to the blockchain, allowing anyone to prove the data existed at a point in time and has not been altered.

Chainpoint receipts, the format of which has been reduced in size, can be embedded within JSON-LD documents and using JSON-LD allows for the optional addition of digital signatures. The system is also flexible as it supports multiple anchor points into multiple blockchains, and has SHA-2 and SHA-3 support which is extensible to other hashing algorithms.

The company has stated that Legacy Chainpoint 1.x receipts will still be valid, and will continue to be verified with its open source validation tool and API.



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