Bruce Pon, founder and CEO of scalable database BigchainDB has recently posted on what effect the end of RethinkDB will have on BigchainDB. This follows the announcement by RethinkDB co-founder Slava Akhmechet, that the company will be shutting down. BigchainDB has stated its intent to support the continuity plan for both RethinkDB and Horizon.

Pon said that although the company had used RethinkDB, it was not dependent on it. BigchainDB is built on top of RethinkDB, which provides the datastore and Raft consensus logic. BigchainDB is the blockchain logic built on top which adds decentralization, immutability and the ability to register and transfer assets, along with a fault-tolerant federated consensus. Whilst the codebase remains open spurce and accessable, BigchainDB intends to continue to build its product on top of RethinkDB for the foreseeable future.

Moving on from this situation, Pon noted that although RethinkDB was chosen, it was only a starting point and that BigchainDB code is designed to be agnostic to the underlying database and portable to other database substrates. BigchainDB will continue to bring blockchain benefits to other databases.



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