Tymlez has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with BigchainDB in order to allow both companies to build scalable and enterprise grade applications on top of blockchain technology. BigchainDB is a scalable blockchain database with all the advantages of a distributed database and benefits of blockchain characteristics such as immutability, decentralized control and the ability to transfer assets over a network.

Under the terms of partnership, Tymlez, a global software development and consulting company, will use BigchainDB technology for its framework to enable enterprise grade offerings. The biggest advantage of this alliance for Tymlez’s end-users is directly linked to BigchainDB’s scalability, which supports fast deployment of blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms and applications.

Michael Reh, CEO and co-founder of Tymlez, commented: “Some industries are delayed by years when trying implement new technology and ultimately it’s the customers who miss out on these new technologies and trends. We need to bring blockchain applications to enterprises faster and more efficiently and are fully committed to make this vision a reality with the help of BigchainDB’s platform.”

CEO of BigchainDB, Bruce Pon noted: “By working together on BigchainDB’s technology will enable Tymlez to implement a variety of use cases from loyalty programs to micropayments. BigchainDB is proud to support Tymlez in implementing these exciting use cases with our technology.”



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