Humaniq Logo (PRNewsfoto/Humaniq)

Humaniq, a start-up providing services to the unbanked based on blockchain technology and biometric identification, has announced the next phase in its roadmap as it launches its Ghana Use Case with the goal of onboarding two thousand users.

Phase one of a pilot to improve financial inclusion in Ghana is underway in order to get data from the involvement and feedback of users. Under a local partnership with Reach-Out Integrated, a civic responsibility and social development organisation, and the Local Women Entrepreneurs network, 2,000 people in Ghana are downloading the app in closed groups where they can transact, including through games to incentivise use. They will immediately gain a verified identity which can be used to access financial services.

The app uses biometric technology to confirm users as a unique person by taking two photographs of their faces and sending an SMS to their smartphone. This use of the Humaniq app is intended to demonstrate how users can send, receive and store currency, and enable peer-to-peer transactions. The app also uses a referral method to promote growth and peer-to-peer transactions. In the long term, it is hoped that the upcoming Humaniq Marketplace API, which will give Ghanaians the opportunity to participate in the economy, will build on this and provide more opportunity for lending, spending and connecting.

In the pilot, users will provide feedback on their experience of using the app in the final phase at the end of the year. A local marketing drive will build the community, with a Humaniq Africa meet-up due to be held in Accra this month.