Matyrx is an open source platform to incentivize decentralized collaboration in fields of knowledge and creation like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). (PRNewsfoto/Nanome Inc.)

Matryx is an open source platform for decentralized collaboration, which is pairing virtual reality and blockchain technologies to provide an ecosystem for collaborative problem solving across such fields as science, technology, engineering and math - STEM. A token sale of MTX token will begin with a pre-sale on the 6th of September, followed by the official a week afterwards on the 13th of September

Steve McCloskey, CEO of Matryx, explaind: “The history of innovation points towards a clear future: a world where science, research and collaboration occur on a blockchain. We believe that Matryx is this future. It will make problem solving a collective experience where all contributors are recognized for providing a critical building block towards a given solution; and it will speed the rate by which that given solution is found.”

Despite huge advancements in technology, unified ecosystem for transparent and effective collaboration is yet to be realised. Duplication and fragmented efforts will lead to a waste of time and money. Another issue is where contributors to breakthroughs are overshadowed by the ones who reveal the work to the public in its final stages. By creating a visual, collaborative and public think tank, Matryx aims to ensure that recognition is rightfully given to all contributors of a given solution, encouraging and incentivizing innovation.

Matryx is a product of Nanome Inc., creator of virtual reality software for scientific research and development. The Nanome software suite includes Calcflow, the industry-leading VR mathematics toolkit, nano-one, a VR interface for nanoscale design and simulation and Matryx. Matryx consists of a library, marketplace, and bounty system for unique problems and their creative solutions. The Matryx Marketplace allows direct value exchange between users, allowing anyone to buy, sell or exchange digital assets for use in their designs for research or use in their digital worlds. Matryx uses an ERC20 token, MTX, for the exchange of ideas and the Matryx bounty system.