TradeBlock announced the launch of Axoni, a new company focused exclusively on the permissioned ledger space. Created by the founders of TradeBlock, Axoni is assisting financial institutions and service providers to bring blockchain technology to global capital markets.

Tradeblock provides order management, market analytics and other tools for institutional bitcoin traders as well as a bitcoin market index called the XBX Index.

According to Tradeblock, XBX Index continues to grow as an institutional benchmark for the price of bitcoin, approaching $75M of outstanding derivative assets relying on XBX as a benchmark rate. The company claims that its TradeBlock Professional platform realized triple-digit growth rates in 2015.

Tradeblock’s founders believe Axoni will be well positioned to take advantage of the adoption of permissionless blockchains

The combination of a strong pipeline of major funds entering the space via the TradeBlock network and the burgeoning Ethereum market give us reason to believe we’re still in the earliest days of permissionless blockchain asset markets

They also believe that advances in the underlying protocols, including Segregated Witness, Sharding Scaffolding, and others, will offer significant opportunities to continue growth in Tradeblock’s provision of research and analytical tools.



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