CHAIN-FINANCE is conducting an on-going survey on the use of blockchain or distributed ledger technologies in the financial services industry. The following directory highlights the companies, organizations and projects in the “Blockchain in Finance” ecosystem, the technology they have developed or provided, and the customers or partners that they are currently working with.



Fujitsu along with subsidiary Fujitsu Laboratories and Mizuho Bank announced in March 2016 that they jointly conducted a trial using blockchain technology to reduce the processing time for cross-border securities transactions, from the current three days to same-day settlement. The trial took place from December 2015 and February 2016.

Within Fujitsu’s cloud environment and using the Open Assets Protocol, the three companies developed a “blockchain-forming system” that recorded the information from a confirmation as one linked block. The confirmation matches trading information including securities name, quantity of securities, currency code, amount, country of settlement, settlement type, and settlement date.

Fujitsu is also a member of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project.