CHAIN-FINANCE is conducting an on-going survey on the use of blockchain or distributed ledger technologies in the financial services industry. The following directory highlights the companies, organizations and projects in the “Blockchain in Finance” ecosystem, the technology they have developed or provided, and the customers or partners that they are currently working with.



Founded: November 2014

Founders: Nick Williamson and Eric Benz

Technology: Proprietary blockchain platform-as-a-service

Customers/Partners:  Isle of Man,


Credits is a blockchain technology provider that in April 2016 released a public beta of its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with tools for building secure and scalable blockchains to power enterprise applications. The blockchain platform enables enterprises to roll out blockchains that address the challenges of establishing provenance, authentication and reconciliation faced by many industries. The Credits framework is purpose-built to be seamlessly and securely interoperable with other legacy systems and blockchain providers.