CHAIN-FINANCE is conducting an on-going survey on the use of blockchain or distributed ledger technologies in the financial services industry. The following directory highlights the companies, organizations and projects in the “Blockchain in Finance” ecosystem, the technology they have developed or provided, and the customers or partners that they are currently working with.



On April 18, 2016, Barclays presided over the first public demonstration of R3’s Corda platform for sharing banking ledgers.

The demonstration occurred at the Barclays Accelerator event organized by Techstars, where an internal Barclays team and 10 startups presented their technologies.

The team that demonstrated Smart Contracts Templates utilized the R3 consortium prototype and was led by Lee Braine from Barclays Investment Bank’s CTO Office.

The Corda prototype was apparently the product of joint efforts by R3, the University College London, ISDA, French banking giant Société Générale and TechStars.

Barclays is a member of the R3 consortium and is one of the 40 banks that in March completed a trial of distributed ledger technologies from Chain, Eris Industries, Ethereum, Intel, IBM and the IPFS project.

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